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What is Digital Marketing ?
In Simple terms, “ Digital Marketing is Promoting your Product or Services through various online channels to reach your target audience in a very precise way”.

The Terminology of Digital Marketing was coined in Mid of 1980’s by Soft Ad Group & the campaign is for the Automobile Industry, they used to send the Floppy Disk to customers which stored the information about Cars and multimedia images.

From then Evolution of Digital Marketing was indestructible, earlier Marketers used Web 1.0, Web 2.0 & Static Websites but now the game is totally different after the launch on Search Engine & Social media. Online Advertising grown bigger, day by day.

After 2000, Internet Penetrations were growing at 2400% year on year. From small business owners to Fortune 500 companies started to invest Million & Billions on online advertising.

Ultimate reason is it reaches the target audience at a very low price.

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Typo3 Development India


The devotion of our specialized web experts for open source CMS systems has helped us to move ahead in the same and at present, we have a wide base of clientele all over the world. Typo3 is an open source CMS system, a technology, and a very strong and efficient platform and we are proud to say that at this platform our experts have considered all the key aspects of typo 3 and deliver multiple extensions till yet. We have a bunch of specialized team professionals skilled in typo3 extension development and customization, along with in the architects of the platform following high coding standards and development guidelines. There is a lot of scope to go in the same and they always strive to consistently learn the curve and overcome the challenges. With the help of typo3 development India, it is easy to devise diverse web applications ideally suitable to meet the different needs and requirements of the businesses.

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Engineering teams with vertical industry expertise | Lohika


World-class experts here to help with your cloud migration and cloud-native software development needs. Lohika’s vertical engineering expertise helps clients disrupt industries, including security, martech, cloud communication & collaboration and fintech.

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Automation Testing with TestCafe


In the era of web development Node.js plays a major role in the industry there are a lot of frameworks that support Node.js but when it comes to Test Automation there are only a few tools that are available in the market majority of the Organisation use Selenium as there Tool for Automation as it is open source and supports the wide community but selenium too has many disadvantages like Handling Page loads, managing different waits also managing different drivers for different browsers. Here comes into the picture a new tool named “Testcafe”. Testcafe is a product of DevExpress which is built on top of Node.js to automate End to End web testing which overcomes all the major challenges faced using Selenium.

What is Testcafe?

Testcafe is a free and open-source Node.js tool to automate end to end scenarios.
It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Testcafe uses a proxy that performs URL rewriting and injects the testcript into the browser since these proxies manage all cookies/storage for the tests so we get a clean and isolated test environment.

Why use Testcafe?

Supports Multiple Browser for Parallel Execution.
One does not need to care about waiting for an element on the page to load.
Supports Page Object Model, Data-Driven, and BDD.
Compatible with Continuous Integration Systems like Jenkins, Teamcity, Travis, Github Actions, etc.

Setup:- As we know that Testcafe is built on top of Node.js so setup is too easy with just one npm command [npm install testcafe] and the world of Automation is all yours. The best part is that there is no requirement for installing web drivers and additional Libraries. Tescafe invokes the browser installed in the machine and runs the Tests.

Development Languages:-There is no doubt that Javascript is the most widely used as the language on the web which means using the same language for automation will give benefits too.

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Best SEO Company


So you want to hire the best SEO services company in Lahore Pakistan? You should first determine the type of business you are planning to run. If you are planning to run a well-established business, and not just a small online store, you may want to consider SEO-focused services. If you want to launch an online store, you can either get a consultation from an SEO expert or look for one online. If you decide to hire one online, choose a good experienced SEO expert. Hiring a SEO company will not only help improve your website rankings, but also ensure that the content on your site is optimized for your targeted keywords. Here are some tips for hiring the best SEO service in Lahore Pakistan:

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How to Create a Website Using WordPress?


Hello guys in this tutorial I would teach you how to Create a Website using WORDPESS.

When we think about a Website the first thing that comes in our mind is Coding. But thanks to Platforms such as WordPress, WIX there is no need of knowing Coding.
In this DIGITaL era everyone wants to Promote their Business Online and the first step is having a Website.
Creating a Website have many uses, be it for Businesses or to Start a Blog to generate some passive income. So, in this Tutorial you are going to learn it all.

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Website Hosting Services


As a digital agency, we know the importance of your online presence. Whether we design your website or work on your SEO campaign, our focus is on growing your sales and revenue through your website.

Who better than your digital agency to host your website?

As your digital agency, our work does not end with web design and online marketing. In fact, it begins by putting you up on the best web hosting for small business. After all, your web host plays a crucial role in SEO.

Where most Australian web hosting companies are focused on selling you a space on their servers, we are all about ensuring our clients get the most value from their online presence. And we do that by offering

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Boston SEO Company


An Overview Of Our Boston SEO Services
Advertising is a non-negligible part of business, if you do not get the word available, you won't show up. There are lots of marketing choices at your disposal yet, it's crucial to select the one that is ideal for your service and/or brand. For things to establish efficiently, it's important to spend the budget that you have on the ideal SEO firm.

Boston SEO Company's primary objective is to raise your sales and clientele, simply put, we aim to make your company a lot more successful than it already is. There is absolutely nothing we value more than our customers. We comprehend that every business is different, this is why we take a tailored technique as well as provide you the possibility to inform us concerning your business. We then develop the most effective means to promote it as well as deal with advertising in whichever states, country or location needed. We can market locally as well as globally. Furthermore, we can place your organisation on Google Maps and enhance it so it will certainly appear on the very first web page. This is among the finest and most efficient methods to promote your service in your area. We provide affordable prices so as to offer our aid to as numerous people as possible.

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Know How PPC Management Services Help Maximize Your ROI


Know what is PPC management services and how it can improve your ROI. You will get to know what all the PPC management agencies will look after along with your budgets. “You need to spend money to make money.” We have all heard this expression at some point in our lives. And if you own a business, you must be certainly accustomed to this phrase. In fact, this is pretty much the logic behind all ads and marketing endeavors. You need to invest some money in the right places to grow your brand, be seen by your potential customers, and finally make money.

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Ajax Programming company in India


Ajax programming is the universal language for XML and client based validation. Along with a complete blend of several programming and development technologies, Dream soft Infotech's Ajax development India solutions aid your business development and growth in a much more powerful unique and new ways. Our skilled Ajax programmers India help you out in creating dynamic, innovative and powerful web applications. In fact, our expertness lying in the development of Ajax driven e-commerce shopping cart applications farther raises customer's online shopping experience to utmost level. Our Ajax programming and development services bestow several advantages like:

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