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On July 1, 2011, Apple released Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to the public. In this mac OS version, Apple has introduced a recovery partition that contains the utilities generally found on the OS X discs.

Mac Recovery Mode relies on the Recovery partition on Mac. The Recovery partition is a magical existence. Even you wipe or start your Mac computer again from scratch, the Recovery partition can still be there for you to solve some serious issues like macOS could not be installed on your computer, MacBook boot into a black screen, Mac won’t boot past the Apple logo, and so on.

You can boot your Mac into Recovery Mode and then solve the issue by restoring from an available Time Machine backup, reinstalling macOS, fixing the startup disk via Disk Utility, or get help from Apple’s support.

To be specific, there are four universal options in Mac Recovery Mode:

Restore From Time Machine Backup: if you have backed up your Mac computer using Time Machine to an external hard drive, you can use this option to restore your Mac from the backup. You need to connect the backup drive to your Mac in advance.
Reinstall macOS: this feature allows you to reinstall your macOS when the system encounters issues and can’t boot.
Get Help Online: when your Mac computer is unbootable, you can click it to open Apple’s support page using Safari and look for the solutions to your issue. However, in this mode, some browser features are not available.
Disk Utility: if there is something wrong with the startup disk on your Mac, you can use this option to access Disk Utility and then use it to repair the startup disk. Of course, you can also use this feature to fix other connected drives.

Before you make your Mac access Recovery Mode, you need to make sure that the machine is shut down completely. Then, you can follow these steps to boot into Recovery Mode:

Press the Power button and immediately press Command-R.
You release the keys when you see the Apple logo (the login screen).
Type the password if prompt.
You will see the macOS Utilities This means that you successfully access Mac Recovery Mode.
If Mac Won’t Boot into Recovery Mode

At times, you may find that command r not working when you strictly follow the above steps. That is, you can’t successfully access Mac Recovery Mode. Why does this issue happen?

Top Reasons for Mac Recovery Mode Not Working
Your Mac is too old.
Your Mac is running a macOS version that is older than Sierra (it was launched in 2016). If so, no all options in Recovery Mode are available.
Your keyboard is broken.
You are using a Bluetooth keyboard and it is not connected to your Mac via Bluetooth.
The Recovery partition is damaged.
The Recovery partition is missing.
And more….
After knowing the causes, it’s time to take some measures to solve the problem. We have collected some solutions that are proved to be effective. Then, we will introduce them to you.

How to Fix Mac Won’t Boot into Recovery Mode/Command R Not Working?
Use a bootable installer
Use another keyboard
Make sure your keyboard is properly connected to your Mac
Reset SMC
Use Safe Mode
Use Time Machine backup
Use Mac Internet Recovery to reinstall macOS

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