Ukraine war: Fears grow that Russia will target former Soviet state of Moldova next


As the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on, citizens of Moldova face an increased state of anxiety, as they wonder whether the small, eastern European country of about 2.6 million is the next to come into Moscow’s crosshairs. At the same time, Europe’s poorest state is host to the largest number of Ukrainian refugees per capita, with more than 300,000 people having crossed over the border into Moldova since the war broke out on 24 February. The fears are tied to possible troop movements in the Transnistrian separatist region on the left bank of the Dniester River, and Russia's attack against the city of Odesa in southern Ukraine -- just 60 kilometres from the nearest Moldovan border town, Palanca.

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Dedicated Developers for Hire: Top Skills to Look for in 2022


Want dedicated developers for hire? Here are the top skills that you should look for in dedicated developers when hiring for your project. While outsourcing development is a great option for small businesses that don’t specialize in technology, other businesses may benefit more from the exclusivity that comes with hiring dedicated developers.

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Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Won’t Open? 6 Ways for You!


Intel Graphics Control Panel is an application in your Windows 10 that allows you to directly access the graphics driver features and settings. With it, you can customize your graphics settings to enhance your visual experience.

However, sometimes you run into some issues and the common is Intel HD Graphics Control Panel is not opening. Although it has initialized but finally won’t open. It's a headache. The reasons for the issue of Intel HD Graphics Control Panel initializing but not opening includes issues with the UWP Intel Graphics app and an outdated Intel GPU driver.

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Your Timely & Adorable Reminder That Black History Should Be Honored Year Round


On the last day of Black History Month, Atlanta-based artist and photographer Melissa Alexander shared her latest project, an adorable celebration called Phyllis Iller’s Black History Babies. “The idea was simple,” Alexander shared on her website along with the collection. “If a child could recite a fact or two about a figure from Black History they’d receive a free portrait.” The result was pretty impressive: dressed as their historical figures of choice, the children represented familiar faces including Thurgood Marshall, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Nina Simone. But the collection also features odes to cowboy Nat Love, race car driver Wendell Scott, and the incomparable Flo-Jo.

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PWA vs Native Apps: What Should You Choose?


The mobile app has become a vital tool for every organisation, as well as a requirement for delivering a wonderful experience and massive results. To meet the expectations of modern customers one must keep updated with the latest mobile app trends.

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How to Fix AMD Driver Timeout Black Screen in Windows 10/11


Many users who use an AMD graphics card like 5700 XT, 6700 XT, etc. always report an issue – AMD driver timeout. Perhaps you are also the one among them. If you close this prompt, it may appear again.

When you play a game or use the computer as normal, the computer screen gets black suddenly and the popup of AMD Bug Report Tool appears saying “AMD software detected that a driver timeout has occurred on your system”.

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Why Should Startups Choose React Native App Development In 2022?


React Native has a convincing advantage over its competitors since it makes use of JavaScript, which is widely used. There is unlikely to be a scarcity of developers or firms providing react native development services in the market, making the framework easily available. Furthermore, codes are generated concurrently for both mobile platforms, saving developers money and time.

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React VS Vue In 2022: A Comprehensive Comparison


In web development, two frameworks have been gaining traction in recent years: React and Vue. Both frameworks have pros and cons, but which one is the better option for your business? Despite many years of discussion, determining a clear winner is not straightforward since both have advantages and disadvantages. To assist you in choosing between React and Vue and deciding which one is ideal for you.

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Government Jobs in India | Sarkari Naukri - WeRIndia


At WeRIndia, find the latest news on Government jobs in India, Sarkari Naukri and employment opportunities here, you can also find the latest news headlines and breaking news stories from all over the world on politics, local state news, education, jobs and lots more.

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Vladimir Putin is doing exactly what Hitler did when he invaded Poland in 1939


The parallels between today and September 1939, when Hitler’s German legions smashed into Poland to ignite Europe in the Second World War, are uncanny. It certainly makes 2022 the most dangerous year in Europe since the end of that terrible, bloody war in 1945. What the West does now will have dramatic consequences for the future of the world as we know it. If the world allows Putin to get away with his latest land-grab (he has form in this area, seizing the Crimea from Ukraine and helping so-called ‘separatists’ take over the Donbas region in 2014) there’s a very good chance he’ll take this as carte blanche to do it again, elsewhere.
The targets? The Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) will be first on his hit list, even though they are members of NATO. As I explained in my book The Rise of the Third Reich, this is what Hitler did after 1938; take little nibbles at bits of Europe that weren’t his and if people didn’t make too much of a fuss, keep on nibbling.

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