What is an Email Validation

Posted September 30th, 2017 by Martin

What is Email Validation

Email validation, or email verification, is a potential solution to the epidemic of abandoned or inaccurate email addresses. Email verification can step in to keep your links current with interested prospects or loyal subscribers for better email marketing outcomes.

Using an email validation process contains true-time verification of subscribers on your email list, both as they add the email and in batch with your existing list. It is perfect for ensuring accuracy for both long-established and new email lists.

When you send an email campaign to 1000s of email addresses, imagine how much a more right list will advantage your marketing program.

How Zero Bounce email validation works

True-time validation

For true-time validation at the point of collection, we provide a hosted email validation website service. This implementation choice is perfect for website forms and landing pages, website apps, e-commerce shopping carts and call centers.

Bulk list cleanse

Validate your email lists in bulk or mechanical basis. The process runs without changing the existing email acquisition process but permits email cleansing to happen before newly acquired emails are included in the database. Email address files are mechanically uploaded to a safe FTP site on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis.

Check and block fake email addresses

Stay focused on true customers: our internet email verification API permits you to simply detect and block disposable, short-term email addresses and saves you from fake leads and contacts with throwaway email addresses.


• Best technology that identifies invalid emails before they disease your system

• Actionable, understandable response codes

• Access to our email promotion and deliverability professionals

• Flexible implantation choices wherever email addresses are collected.

• Zero Bounce trusted safe data and privacy standards


• Strong technology that quickly validates consumer, business, and international domains

• Corrections logic to identify typo traps and misspellings.

• Flexible deployments that can be put into practice anywhere emails are collected

• Disposable and illegitimate domain detection to save your email list from dangerous addresses

You can use validation to force respondents to reply a question or request that they consider replying the question before leaving the pages. These choices can also be used to force a certain kind of feedback.

There are 2 main validation specs accessible for nearly every question type: Custom validation message, custom validation, request-response, and force response. When any of the validation choices are enabled, an asterisk icon shows to the left of the question, indicating that the question has some type of validation.