How to Turn off Microsoft Services Signing up Prompt on Win 10?


Today, when I open my computer, I see a full-screen prompt that suggests signing up for Microsoft services.
At first glance, I think there is something wrong with my computer and the system is undergoing a system update. But, it is not a normal update. I click Skip for now and then everything is back to normal. I access the Windows desktop without any extra settings.

So, what this screen is? Does it mean that my system is broken and I need to repair it? I search for this issue on the internet and I discover something.

Many users have reported that they have received a prompt that leads you to improve your Windows 10 settings and performance like this Microsoft services signing up prompt. From its appearance, you can see that it is the same with the one that you can receive after you update your Windows 10.

However, you don’t see it every time you open your computer. It just appears periodically. Besides, it is not a sign for Windows 10 update. It even happens when you haven’t updated your computer.

Now, it is not sure why and when these kinds of prompts will show up on your Windows 10 computer without a Windows 10 update. But, you are allowed to turn off these prompts via Windows Settings or Registry.

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