MusicPromoToday Reveals Why Record Labels Still Matter

It’s often the artist dream to get signed by a record label. Artists work tirelessly, perfect their music, hire a digital marketing agency, all to get them noticed by the big labels.

Getting signed is your chance to get the big house, the fancy cars, and the private jets. Unfortunately, if you are indie artist with an indie label, these dreams may be too far away.

While it’s true that independent labels are popping out left and right, and some are even owned by artists, the potential of the big artist dream cannot be conquered without the majors.

What will a label record get you?

Let’s start with greater, almost guaranteed, chances of having your music on major radio stations, TV, and digital sites. The expertise, network, and power of major record labels are unparalleled, their resources unmatched. With a record label, you increase your efforts by a hundred fold, if not more.

For those with their own record labels, it is all too clear the effort, money, and time needed to make anything happen. It is quite unrealistic, actually. Can you spend 18 hours a day on the operations of your label? As an artist, your music should take priority, don’t you think?

You will get a touring budget. Have you dreamed of giving an international or national tour? Well, a record label has the resources to make that happen. Instead of cramming resources and finances into your indie record without results, you can use someone else’s finances to profit, focus on your talent, and enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

Of course, with a record label, you will only receive about 15% of the gross, depending on the label. But, with the multiplying effect of the record labels on sales, audience reach, visibility, fans and followers, this 15% overshadows your 100% of your maximum effort with minimum gains.

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