Make A Smooth Transition to iPhone 7 with AnyTrans 5

Posted September 29th, 2016 by cs

As iPhone 7 (Plus) has been out for a few days, there must be many people looking at their current iPhone, wondering how to move all their favorite data onto the brand-new iPhone 7. To solve the problem and help you make a smooth transition to iPhone 7, AnyTrans is the
program that I found working great.

With elaborately redesigned user interface and iPhone 7-ready features, AnyTrans 5, an easy-to-use iPhone manager for data management and transfer, makes the transition from old iPhone to iPhone 7 both fast and flexible.

Among all the powerful tools of AnyTrans 5, the Clone Device feature is what makes the transition to iPhone 7 a pure breeze. Whether you want to move everything inside the old iPhone – messages, contacts, downloaded/imported music, notes, Safari data, ringtones, even custom settings – or just certain items, like messages only or app data only, you can transfer it straight to your new iPhone 7 in just one single click. You don’t even have to wait for a long time, and just a few minutes later, your new iPhone 7 will wake up with all the memories you valued of your old iPhone – except the bad ones that you choose to skip.

Besides data transfer, AnyTrans is also your Swiss Army Knife for iPhone data management. It gives you full control over all your iOS data, even iTunes & iCloud
backups. Whether you want to organize your photos in different album, export your messages to computer for backup, manage your contacts, even rebuild your iTunes library, you can easily get it done within this single program. It even allows you to get access to each iTunes and
iCloud backup file of your iPhone, explore it, get the specific file or data, and export it without performing full restore. You’ll get exactly what you need.

If you’ve just got your iPhone 7 and want to make a smooth transition to it, then AnyTrans 5 is the program that you’ll need. You can get a free download here, available for both PC and Mac. Also, you can use it to better manage your iPhone 7 in future use.