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Barbaric animal experiments in Germany. Shocking video from a hidden camera

Posted October 17th, 2019 by thenews
A terrifying recording of experiments conducted on monkeys, dogs, cats was published by Cruelty Free International and Soko Tierschutz (organizations fighting for animal rights). The experiments took place at the Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory near Hamburg. The recording shows "a terrible mixture of suffering and cruelty," say activists Soko Tierschutz. The case was described by "The Guardian" and "Daily Mail".

The disclosed video was shot from a hidden camera by Friedrich Mullen, an activist from Soko Tierschutz, who worked in the laboratory for several months. His organization emphasizes that the practices in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory at Mienenbuttel near Hamburg are not only a "terrible mixture of suffering and cruelty," but also violate German and EU regulations.

Furthermore, animal rights activists believe that pharmaceutical and industrial companies around the world could benefit from this research. Macaques with harnesses at the necks, restrained, forced to stand in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Some try to pull tight collars from the neck. Monkeys enclosed in cages of less than a cubic meter, desperately jumping or spinning around. Beagle lying in a narrow box on a bloody floor. These are just some of the pictures that Friedrich Mullen immortalized in the film. On one shot, a lab worker with metal pliers grabs the macaque by the neck. On another, a technician, holding a terrified monkey by the tail and a rod attached to the collar, places it in a metal support.
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What is Web Hosting and how choose best web hosting provider

Posted January 12th, 2017 by thenews

Selecting a web hosting service provider is a vital step in creating a web site. The entire working of the website depends upon this option. Let me first tell you that many of the free of charge web hosting providers are not really free, i.e. to avail their services they will put their ads on your website and many time these ads will give irritating experience to your website visitors, which in turn will result in decreasing website traffic and earnings. If are from UK it good to find best UK web hosting service provider to get the spec and instant local service.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the service for giving space on internet and bandwidth using powerful servers which are linked to the Web at extremely high speed. Web hosting businesses like MediaTemple have big networks of web servers across several regions known as a data centers. These web servers utilize high speed internet connection. The data centers have their primary as well as backup power and professional to take care of security.

Shared Web Hosting

Some might state that shared web hosting is expensive, but it's just a misconception. It can cost from 1 to 50 dollars a month depending upon the group of services and assets provided.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller web hosting is really a well-known, low-price means to starting up your own web hosting enterprise. The two main varieties of web hosting are, private and a reseller of services.

Dedicated Web Hosting

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